Dr. Peggy Woods - Founder


Growing up in church, Peggy discovered that she had a love for Jesus Christ at an early age. She was inspired by the fact that her Sunday school teacher told her that God loved her, and sent His son Jesus to die for her sins. Peggy recalls the day she dedicated her life to Christ. She was twelve years old at the time. It was one of the happiest days of her life. She couldn’t wait to go home, after church, and share the news with family and friends.

However, after high school, there was a turn in her life. Perhaps she married too young or had too much freedom and success. Whatever it was, the dedication she once experienced as a teen, diminished. Sin took over her life. It started as a small thing but soon developed, and spiraled out of control. Peggy found herself a captive to sin and estranged from the Lord.

Unable to continue a worldly lifestyle of sin, Peggy cried out to God. ‘Lord help me,” she said. Isn’t it wonderful how God comes to our rescue when you are in trouble? No matter how long we’ve lived in sin—no matter what ungodly acts committed. When you sincerely call His name, He will answer you.
It has many years since she asked God to come back into her life. Two years ago, she attended Bible College. In 2019, she received a Doctorate in Ministry. Today, Dr. Peggy Woods serves as a teacher and prayer warrior in the ministry. She is also a writer for the Gospel. She lectures from the book: The Image of Woman from a Christian-Hebrew Perspective.